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Egypt's 1st real-time consumer data marketplace that connects businesses with their customers and incentivizes the transfer of data

Not a business and looking to earn money

Explore how your business can directly engage with your customers.

Source data effortlessly and drive your business forward

Pulse enables you to understand consumer behavior, engage with your customer base and improve the value you deliver to them


Why Pulse

Test ideas faster and more frequently

Transform the way you gain market intelligence and cut data sourcing short. As data is becoming more abundant, use available resources more efficiently. Become agile, design shorter and more focused market pulses, and frequently engage in rapid testing with your existing and potential customers.

Engage directly with verified users

No more middle man involved to target the profiles you are looking for. Get the data you need straight from the source itself and do not compromise on quality. Connect directly with your existing and potential customers who have been authenticated through our verification process.

Own the data you purchase

Ensure a deeper understanding of your existing and potential customers by keeping the data you have purchased. Hold on to a database where you can visit and re-visit sets of raw and curated data that allow you to continuously generate the actionable insights you need for your business.


Market Pulses

Market Pulses

Customize and launch market pulses to gain market intelligence from your target audiences

  • Access multiple standardized datapoints
  • Customize different types of questions
  • Collaborate as a team in creating the required pulses
  • Reach customers through various channels
Market Pulses

State of the art cloud database

State of the art Cloud Database

State of the art cloud database

Store and manage the data you collect in a single source and access it anytime anywhere

  • Track real-time customer data being collected
  • Obtain structured and curated data
  • Export and share your data for further analysis

Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools

Organize and analyse results to extract actionable insights imperative for business decisions

  • Interpret results in ready-made dashboards
  • Perform sentimental analysis
  • Translate your results instantly
Analytical Tools